Good Morning from Tallinn

Good morning from Tallinn! I’m not sure how far I’ll get with this this morning. I didn’t get up to write at four or six or even eight. It’s nine-thirty. My brothers have arrived. Not my brothers from another mother or brothers at the polling station (though they were that, yay!) but my actual brothers.…… Continue reading Good Morning from Tallinn

My apartment in Tartu – the next morning

This is a strange place. It’s as if the minimum has not been done to make it right. There is a large double bed with a grey sheet. Who would go to a shop and choose a grey sheet? Who would consider manufacturing a grey sheet, and having considered it actually continue, and make the…… Continue reading My apartment in Tartu – the next morning

Limegreen Cashewnut’s day out

An extract from my diary, yes, I do start early! 4.48 The you bird’s out there. I’d better try to track him down today. Time is running out. Yesterday was a strange day. I see I finished my words at 10.15, or thereabouts. By one o’clock the day felt done, and yet it kept on…… Continue reading Limegreen Cashewnut’s day out