Perseverance furthers

So, yesterday I decided to consult the I Ching. Today I’m writing about it. The first thing is that yesterday I was very excited about it and today I’m, well, not. I am still excited, but this morning is one of those mornings when being a writer seems pointless. I don’t mean that. Being a…… Continue reading Perseverance furthers

Sycamore Trees

I’m starting here, well almost. I started yesterday, with a sycamore tree. I like sycamore trees, although as a gardener I sometimes found them over-productive of offspring. A relatively young tree would shed multitudes of seed, most of which germinated, producing mini forests of seedlings, which if not culled at birth sent roots diving down…… Continue reading Sycamore Trees

Who am I?

Who am I? Can I answer this question on a weekly basis, and in what ways do I change, remembering or forgetting who I was last week or the week before, or at some other time? And how does that remembering affect who I am today? There. A brief for a blog! Today began with…… Continue reading Who am I?

Categories of Nothing

I’ve just written a list in my notebook. I put a date, July 2017, and gave the the list a title, ‘A list of things one might do’. The list has seventeen items, the first being ‘Nothing’ and the last being ‘Stop’. Having written the list I came from the sofa to the computer and…… Continue reading Categories of Nothing


A blackbird, male, comes into view for a moment. It is in flight, making a tight low turn over the elecampane before disappearing from view, probably landing on the neighbour’s conservatory roof. It was a glimpse only that I had of the bird. It was silent, with some morning agenda unknown to me. I’m itching.…… Continue reading 073903072017